My name is Shanti Owen and I am a relationship coach. Why call myself the Legal Courtesan? It began in 2002 when I became a legal secretary. I was divorced, unattached, and happily enjoying the company of several interesting men, like the courtesans centuries ago. I adopted this dating experiment after being a serial monogamist all my adult life and not producing the romantic relationship I was looking for. During this time I acquired extensive data about dating that I now pass on to my clients.


Though I grew up as the child of a blue-collar worker, starting with my modeling career and continuing through out my adult life, I also developed many liaisons with men and women of class, wealth, and nobility, like the courtesans of our ancestors. Because I often shared their company I have the unique ability, not only to coach the masses that I grew up with, but to coach men and women from this specific echelon of society as well.


Fame, wealth, and power create their own unique set of dating opportunities as well as obstacles that require one schooled within these walls to untangle the maze. Happy to report I have coached dozens of prosperous men and women out of the "Sugar Mommy/Sugar Daddy" trap who now enjoy healthy and fulfilling romantic lives.





Super Model turned

Super Slut turned

Super Hero!!

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