The Owen Oasis is a vision I have had since High School. As a young child, growing up in a Boston suburb, my soul was deeply quenched by our summer visits to rural farms in Vermont. My vision is to create a farm oasis where inner-city children can come for a few weeks in the summer to better understand mother nature and their own true nature.


We will begin their stay with Outward Bound programs aimed to foster personal growth and social skills via challenging outdoor expeditions. There will be daily farm chores for all participants to instill responsibility, get exercise, and learn about mother nature. For some children, just seeing that milk actually comes through the utters of a cow is mind boggling!


In addition to the Owen Oasis farm workers, there will be a staff of trained professionals in childhood education as well as nutritionists and yoga teachers to share the importance of good health for the body and soul. I look forward to sharing my vision and creating it as a reality so that these children can plant seeds that will continue to blossom for a life time.


                                                                                            Photography by Daye Simpson  


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