Shanti is the rare woman who is willing and able to both understand and articulate the baffling behavior of females and the clueless behavior of us men. Spend an hour with her in a coaching session and you will be amazed by her infinite wisdom, believe me!

-Jim, investment banker, Philadelphia, age 45


Shanti's coaching changed my life!!! I was in a dating slump. I had just gotten out of a long relationship and had no desire to date, or even what to do anymore. Shanti got me back out there. She helped me figure out what worked and what didn't. It was 2 years ago, when she and I were out for her Wing Woman session that I met the man who became my husband!

-Olivia, fashion buyer, NYC, age 32


Bill and I have been married for 14 years. We had been nitpicking at one another for the past couple of years and it was getting worse. A friend recommended Shanti and so we felt, a dinner in NYC and a coaching session might be just what we need. Boy, we got so much more than we bargained for! We now enjoy weekly date nights and our nitpicking is over! Shanti is a true gem!!

-Sharon and Bill, accountant and small business owner, Westchester County, ages 46 & 51


Spent the past ten years only dating women that I was supporting financially. Shanti assured me that she could steer me out of this dead-end trap. I must admit I was skeptical. But within a few short weeks I was dating interesting, successful, and attractive women. I am now living with a beautiful and talented advertising executive and making plans to tie-the-knot. My hat's off completely to Shanti!

-Wallace, hedge fund manager, NYC, age 55


Due to Shanti’s coaching I married a wonderful man at age 44 and gave birth to a happy, healthy, baby girl a year later. I really and truly never thought I would realize my dream, especially not at my age. Shanti assured me that if I dropped my concepts and followed her coaching that I would attain my deepest desires. She is truly magical. I am forever indebted to Shanti!!!!

-Judy, financial consultant, Boston, age 52


Just when you thought you knew a lot about how women think and act, Shanti opens your eyes to a new world. It's amazing, humbling, and exciting! Wish I had met her years ago.

-Michael, lawyer, D.C., age 37


I don't know what it is she has, she said some things I've heard before and many things I've never heard before. All I know is that in her presence I got swept up in her "Shantiness". I wasn't even in the mood to socialize the night we were out for her Wing Woman session and yet I found myself at a bar surrounding by the most interesting men I have every met!

-Karen, public relations, NYC, age 43


Her infectious pixie-like spirit is hard to resist and it's almost impossible not to have fun around her. It's easy to feel great, and ultimately meet dates, when surrounded in Shanti's Wing Woman energy.

-Will, advertising, Chicago, age 51




Super Model turned

Super Slut turned

Super Hero!!

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